Wednesday, June 8


After months of waiting, we brought home Julep one week ago. A quick head scratch makes her smile.

She's a 3.5 month old Devon Rex and the most un-cat kitten I've ever seen. Julep snuggles, eats, plays, chases her tail and likes to watch cars drive by.

We chose a Devon because we both have moderate allergies. It took a lot of research, but we read in various places that people with allergies do well with Devons. They lack guard haris, leaving only the silky undercoat, which is usually curly. Or, in wool-speak, her hair has great crimp. The most similar fiber I can think of is angora but without the fluff and shedding. Jules sleeps in the bed with us and I am thrilled to report that she hasn't caused a sneeze.

So far, Jules has left the house plants alone (and there are many) AND hasn't shown any interested in my stash or my knitting. Toys and blankets and chairs are all fair game. As are toes at 5 AM.

Of course there's no ignoring Julie's gigantic ears and eyes - something she'll never grow into. It's just just part of being a Devon.


martine said...

she beautiful and utterly adorable. we have a long haired moggie who ignores everyone except when she wants to come in ... or go out ... or come in again ... or go out again (and so on!)
Visiting via a felting blog that recommended your freebie patterns
thanks for sharing

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